Why Choose Us?

It is easy to get confused as to which company to go with when looking for a petsitter. The most important things to consider are:


All pet sitter's should hold relevant insurance. This is to protect you and the petsitter should your pet hurt a member of the public while in our care.

Muddy Paws are insured.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance
provided via Simply Business

Public Liability : 1,000,000

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CRB Check:

Before you allow anyone into your home and trust them with your pets it is advisable that you find out if they have a CRB check. This is for your piece of mind, a CRB check will tell you if your pet sitter has any criminal records.

Muddy Paws have a clean Enhanced CRB Check.


Never go with a pet sitter that can't provide references of previous customers. This is unprofessional and you may be leaving your pet with someone who has never petsat before or has very unhappy customers.

Muddy Paws can provide many references & all our customers are asked to write a reference after our service has ended.

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Experience & Love of animals:

How much experience does your pet sitter have? You want the best care for your beloved pet so don't leave them with an inexperienced sitter. Also how does your pet sitter act with your pet? Can you tell they obviously love animals and your pets love them? Does your pet sitter ask you questions about your pet?

Muddy Paws have years of experience in animal care & have the utmost love and respect for animals. Muddy Paws ask for our customers to fill out a short questionnaire before we sit their pets so that we know as much about your pets as possible.


Is your pet sitter a professional? Sadly pet sitting is a business many people think would be an easy job, and because of this many people out there are offering this service but are not experienced, trained or professional. This is dangerous for both you and your pet as many of these people are unlikely to be insured or CRB checked. You can usually spot these people as they can provide no references and charge much cheaper than other pet sitting companys.

Professional pet sitters charge more as they have to pay for Vehicles & mileage, Insurance & CRB Check. Where possible do not base your decision on price as this may not be best for you & your pets in the long run.

Muddy paws is a professional registered business that is run full-time.

And last but not least - Pets love us!

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