About Us

Muddy Paws is a family run business based in the swansea area.
Hello, My name is Lucy, I am the owner of Muddy Paws and I am animal-mad!
My pets have included, dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils & fish.
I started Muddy Paws in August 2009.

I have been a volunteer for the RSPCA, Cats Protection League & The Wildfowl & Wetland's Trust. While volunteering I gained a great deal of experience including fostering many disabled cats & bottle feeding a litter of two day old kittens at two hour intervals.

My husband Lyndon is also an animal lover and works for the NHS as a security supervisor, we have a 21 month old son, Jaxon.

We have two female cats, Indy & Luna, which we love so much. We resued them in September when Indy was living rough and had just given birth to five kittens. Luna was the last kitten remaining so we adopted her and Indy together.

I decided to start Muddy Paws as I had been pet sitting for friends and family pets for years and loved it. At first I ran Muddy Paws alongside my photography business as I liked the idea of providing an alternative to kennels and catteries which can sometimes be stressful, lonely places for pets. Now Muddy Paws is a full-time business for me and I have to say I LOVE my job!

It has been such a privilege to meet so many amazing animals and people over the time I have been running Muddy Paws and I can't wait to meet each new client & thier pet/pets.




"Indy & Luna"

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